Surely you have noticed that a certain color is your favorite or you instinctively focus on it. Other colors just repel you, or why do you feel uncomfortable in clothes of a certain color? One explanation is that you are not in harmony with a color.

Each of the numbers from 1 to 9 (and of course 11 and 22) has its positive and negative colors – the colors with which they connect better.

You can try the number of your trip, your birthday number (the day of the month), often the number of the month is added to the birthday, and also the number of your full name.

Of course, a more complex and precise way to determine your true digital vibration is to analyze all the key numbers – name, date of birth, path, vowels and consonants, Pythagorean matrix analysis, and so on. one thing is clear – no two numerologists work in exactly the same way, even if at first glance their methods are similar.


Basic colors – all shades of yellow and bronze to golden brown, including orange and gold.

Additional colors – cream and white, pale purple, blue and deep pink.

Colors to avoid – green, black and gray.

Gems – all yellowish stones, such as lemon yellow quartz, topaz, amber and yellow diamond.


Basic colors – all shades of green, cream and white.

Additional colors – pale pink and pale blue.

Colors to avoid – light brown, dark red, purple and black.

Gems – agate, pearls, cat’s eye and moonstone.


Basic colors – all shades of purple and violet to the most pale purple.

Additional colors – blue, pink and yellow.

Colors to avoid – green, black, gray and dark brown.

Gems – amethyst and garnet.


Basic colors – halftones and “electric” colors, such as blue and gray.

Additional colors – beige, pale green and pale yellow.

Colors to avoid – all bright, strong and saturated.

Precious stones – sapphire in all its colors.


Basic colors – light shades of almost all colors, especially gray.

Additional colors – white or anything that shines and shines.

Colors to avoid – any very dark or very light colors.

Gems – all kinds of pale colored stones, especially if they have a luster – diamonds, silver and platinum.


Basic colors – all shades of blue except “electric” or “petroleum blue”.

Additional colors – all shades of pink.

Colors to avoid – black and dark purple.

Gems – turquoise and emerald.


Basic colors – all shades of green and yellow, as well as gold.

Additional colors – almost all pale and pastel colors.

Colors to avoid – all very dark, very saturated colors.

Gems – all white stones, moonstone, cat’s eye, pearls, agate.


Basic colors – dark gray, dark blue, purple, black.

Additional colors – all shades of brown and reddish brown.

Colors to avoid – all pale colors, bright red, bright green and bright yellow.

Gems – all dark colored stones, saturated ruby, garnet, amethyst, black pearl, black diamond and especially sapphires in a dark shade.


Basic colors – pink, blood red, red and purple – the darker and more saturated the color, the better.

Additional colors – all shades of blue.

Colors to avoid – green, yellow, brown and black.

Gems – ruby, garnet and chalcedony.